Festival Lumen turning ‚20’ and sayin’ thanXX.

| 15. Máj 2012


Year 2012 has become a turning point for the biggest gospel festival within Middle EuropeFestival Lumen will celebrate its 20th birthday and will definitely leave the “teens” behind. And there’s a lot to celebrate and thank for!!!

From the small local event presenting choirs from the region twenty years ago and after years spent in city hall, it managed to grow up into lively open- air city festival with international attendance. Throughout its “teens” Festival Lumen brought to Slovakia heaps of high-quality production and big names of gospel scene including Delirious?, Switchfoot or last year’s Newsboys.

Newsboys – Festival Lumen 2011 – Slovakia

Along with variety of workshops, discussions and worships it forms unbelievably worthwhile “soul material” for youngsters coming from all over Slovakia and adjacent European countries. No wonder it’s become a traditional event that has earned its name – Lumen , the light from Latin.

Festival Lumen has gone a long way and it is entering adult age. Wiser and matured it realizes it’s time to give thanXX. to all fans, volunteers, sponsors and the Holiest One for its wonderful teenage years and long-term support. That’s probably why for this year, organizers have chosen the motto thanXX.

This year’s production – extended to 4 venues2 music stages, alternative/discussion zone and chill-out zone with kids’ corner, will offer even more! On 8th-9th June 2012, Trnava in Slovakia (just 1, 5 h from Vienna airport) will welcome another big name in world gospel music – American rockers Leeland ,alongside already familiar bands for Slovakia such as Chip Kendal and The 29th Chapter, unusual metal-playing HB band from Finland and In Case of Fire, Superhero from UK. The mixture of Slovak and foreign gospel concert music wide genre variety in the historical town centre is going to create an atmosphere that is surely not to be missed!

Festival Lumen is FREE for everyone

Follow the festival’s website www.fln.sk for more details about concerts, workshops and accommodation.

The article is written by Lenka Morvayová



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